Thursday, March 26, 2009

What are real mommies opinions of Baby Blooming Bouquets?

Before the first Baby Blooming Bouquet was born, mothers were polled to find out what items and sizes should include in the bouquets. The overwhelming response was that most moms receive too many blankets and that most babies grow out of newborn clothing very quickly. They suggested the creation of "Room to Grow" Baby Blooming Bouquets with a range of sizes.

Here is a sample what real mommies are saying about the Baby Blooming Bouquets! These are direct quotes from newlywed and baby chat boards, former customers, and etsy shoppers and sellers.

She custom designed the basket to match the shower decorations. Great to work with and the basket is just perfect.- Former Customer

OMG!! That is just to cute and reasonably priced!!! Its so nice I would not want to take it apart. - Mother/Fellow Etsy Seller

I love this idea. What a great thing for a baby shower, especially when you're pressed for time. - Mother/Fellow Etsy Seller

Your baskets are WONDERFUL! What a fantastic gift!
As a mother, I really liked Carter's. - Mother

I haven't had my baby yet, but those baskets are adorable! They definitely seem way cuter than diaper cakes and are certainly prettier. I think a "Room to Grow" basket would be nice. Everyone wants to buy you newborn stuff your baby grows out of in a minute and a half. They would definitely be a nice, practical alternative to regular flowers. - Mother to be

These are so darling and precious! What a great idea! - Mother of two children

I wanted to let you know that I really think this is a WONDERFUL idea! I'm definitely keeping you in mind for all of my friends who are having babies! Kudos to you for developing such a unique way to present shower gifts. - Fellow Etsy Seller

Everything was completely in place. I am happy with the bouquet. It does include alot of items. Thanks for everything. Good luck with your business. Like I said before you should do well. You have very nice unique bouquets. - Former customer

I think they're a great price. If I had the need I would buy one for a close friend, family member, or as a center piece at a shower. - Mother/Fellow Etsy Seller

ChristieCreations strides to make every Baby Blooming Bouquet an affordable, practical, and beautiful gift.

Do you have ideas? Suggestions? We want to hear from you!

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