Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beware of Imitators!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

To imitate someone is to pay the person a genuine compliment—often an unintended compliment.

In the last week, my Etsy store has exploded! I have orders flying in both online and offline. With popularity comes imitation. There are numerous new stores offering their versions of "baby bouquets."

So, why should someone purchase my bouquets?


Baby Clothing Blooming Bouquets had a variety of price points to fit every budget. Baby Bud bouquets (smaller basket/less items) start at just $ 14.95 for a 7 item bouquet.

The Sarah Baby Bud Bouquet features 11 items for $ 19.95!

It's not only beautiful, but economical and unique, I can guarantee, no one else there will have a gift like this! - Etsy Customer

Quality of Items

Each Baby Clothing Blooming Bouquet is made from high quality, name brand items. After talking to real moms, I chose brands based on their recommendations. ChristieCreations wants the bouquet receiver to enjoy the baby clothing and items for a long time.

Durability of Arrangement

Baby Clothing Blooming Bouquets are the ONLY bouquets that are guaranteed to arrive just as pictured. The items are packed tightly to ensure that the bouquet will be perfect when delivered. The basket can be turned upside down and nothing will fall out! You can rest assure that your blooming bouquet will arrive just as pictured.

Many of our bouquets are sent directly to the Mother-to-Be. The bouquet needs to be perfect right out of the box no matter if the Baby Clothing Blooming Bouquet was shipped across the state or across the world.

It arrived in perfect condition and in plenty of time for the baby shower. - Etsy Customer


Options, Options, Options! Is the expectant mom having a girl? A boy? A surprise? ChristieCreations has a Baby Clothing Blooming Bouquet for all three occasions.

Need a baby girl gift that isn't pink? No problem! Check out The Louisa: 11 item Baby Girl Clothing Blooming Bouquet featuring delicate blue and white items! Because girls can like blue too!

ChristieCreations not only specializes in Baby Clothing Blooming Bouquets but the shop offers Kitchen Towel Blooming Bouquets, Wash Cloth Blooming Bouquets, and Bath Towel Blooming Bouquets.

This lady was so helpful when I had a bouquet of kitchen towels and dish cloths sent to a friend. I wish I would have been there when my friend received it! Just the web-site picture was awesome! - Etsy Customer


  1. so who is imitating who? because I've seen your bouquets in stores that have been around for a long time.

  2. As I mentioned in my original post, I am a seller on Etsy.com. Although there are many of "baby clothing" bouquet like gifts - mine are the only baskets packed in a matter where they may be turned upside down and nothing falls out. Additionally, the wording, color combos, and materials used inside my bouquets have been closely copied. Ask my real life customers, my bouquets far exceed anything that you will find in the stores. By price, quality, originality, and selection.