Sunday, March 22, 2009

Diaper Cake vs Baby Blooming Bouquet

In this corner we have the defending champion, The Diaper Cake. After its appearance on Sex and the City, The Diaper Cake became the "it" baby shower gift. Soon almost every shower had at least one Diaper Cake. Women everywhere were busting open Pamper packages and using their grimy hands to wrap diapers that are eventually supposed to be used to on your precious child.

In the other corner, we have the new kid of on the block. The Baby Clothing Blooming Bouquet is the up and coming baby shower gift. Its recent appearance on the Martha Stewart Show introduced the world to a much more unique alternative to The Diaper Cake.

Let's see how these two competitors stack up!

The Diaper CakeThe Baby Blooming Bouquet
  • Items used: diapers, ribbon, elastic bands, cardboard cake rounds, various small accessories to be tucked inside cake or around cake

  • Personalized by ribbon color and size of diapers used

  • Diapers cannot be washed and have the gift makers germs on them

  • Diaper cakes are difficult to transport and are virtually impossible to send in the mail

  • Diaper Cakes makes a great baby shower centerpiece/gift but is not ideal for a hospital gift. No mom wants the diapers exposed to the germs in the hospital setting nor the hassle of trying to get the diaper cake from her hospital room into the car and into her home.

  • Registry items cannot be easily used inside the diaper cake.

  • Items used: baby clothes, blankets, bibs, lap pads, wash cloths, burp cloths, booties, socks, mittens, elastic bands, basket/other container, silk flowers and stems, ribbon

  • Personalized by ribbon color, baby clothes and items (size, color, organic or nonorganic), type of silk flowers, type of basket/container

  • Baby clothes and items can and should be washed before touching baby and therefore is more sanitary for baby

  • Baby Blooming Bouquets are ideal for transport! Bouquets can be turned upside down and nothing falls out or even moves! The Baby Blooming Bouquet can be sent in the mail will complete assurance that it will arrive just as perfectly as when one packs it in the box. The handled blooming bouquets are obviously even easier to transport.

  • Baby Blooming Bouquets make great baby shower gifts/centerpiece and hospital gift: what mom does not appreciate a flower bouquet that can be carried out of the hospital much easier than a traditional live flower bouquet. Mom can even place it in a bag for ease of transport.

  • There is a plethora of baby registry items that can be used to make the blooms of a Baby Blooming Bouquet

So readers- please make your choice known! Who is the winner?

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