Saturday, March 21, 2009

Baby gift for the Trendy Modern Parent

Last week I was asked by a friend to custom design a Baby Blooming Bouquet with a trendy, modern flair. I did my research and found an incredible line of baby clothing and accessories.


Boon offers a wide range of products that help parents all over the world. They are committed to creating the most innovative gear at affordable prices. The design studio is always tackling one parenting challenge after another while maintaining their commitment to quality and safety.

After seeing their clothing sets in a local store, I was hooked. I simply had not seen anything like it! Coveralls that have no snaps! Bibs that snap into the onesie! And finally modern designs for the trendy parent that does not want cutesy boats, bows, and other traditional prints for baby.

As if that isn't enough reason to love this brand, they donate 10% of profits to charities specifically benefiting children in need.

So join me in supporting a fantastic company!

The pictures above display a few of the items I am currently featuring in my Modern Baby Blooming Bouquets. These new bouquets are available in boy or girl themes.

Be sure to check out the new modern baby listings in my etsy store!

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