Sunday, September 6, 2009

Her Shop- Featuring over 70 Etsy Artisans

An interview of shop owner, Laura LaChance Stubbs, of Her Shop.

What inspired you to open "Her Shop?"

I always wanted to open my own shop, but never new what to sell. Now that the kids are grown, I've been selling my candles on But I found Etsy had so many wonderful handmade items, I was buying more than I was selling. My Christmas shopping is almost complete before Labor Day for the first time in my life.

So one day it dawned on me, to open a shop and sell handmade things from Etsy. I realize how bad the economy is nationwide. These crafters, like me, are only trying to make a buck to feed their family and pay their bills. So I began trading in my stocks and started finding quality unique handmade items.

What sort of items will Her Shop carry?

I had no idea what "theme" I was going to have, and being a tomboy, I'm a little surprised that I was buying mostly things for woman and babies. I have 5 grandsons, 1 grand daughter and one grandson due any day now. so I definitely wanted baby things too, for shower gifts or something unique for the new mom. I live in a small town, and I don't want to step on any toes, so I was looking for things, nobody else had.

I have met some wonderful people on Etsy and made some really good long distance friends.

I have jewelry, scrapbooking supplies, soap, my candles, bath salts, paintings, burp cloths, mamas necklace, needlefelting kits, to name a few. And because I knit and crochet as well, I wanted to carry 100% cotton yarn from Peaches n Creme, I have 49 colors! A local chain store ( unnamed) only carries 27 colors.

I also do some consignments for some friends and local people.

Where did the name "Her Shop" come from?

The name was hard to come up with, a little different for sure. But then again, my store is different.

What makes Her Shop stand out?

My goal was to put money in pockets around the nation, while supplying my store with great items. I also wanted to help my community, by offering things in town, so people wouldn't have to travel so far to get scrapbooking, yarn , embroidery supplies, or a unique gift.

HER SHOP is located in Cornish, Maine on rt. 25

Hours will be 10 - 6 pm Tuesday - Saturday

The store had its Grand Opening on Saturday Opening August 25Th, 2009

I am always adding new and interesting things. To date, I have purchased from about 70 different people on Etsy!

Thank you for allowing to share my shop with you!