Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quality Baskets Always

ChristieCreations pride themselves on using only the highest quality products in their Blooming Bouquets. Each gift is handmade and delicately arranged as though we were designing it for our own friends and family members.

The containers that hold the unique blooms are considered just as important. ChristieCreations is often asked where we purchase such unique, durable baskets! Today we are sharing our secret with our valued customers. The majority of Blooming Bouquets are designed using Andrea Baskets.

Andrea Baskets

Back by popular demand: The Bushel Basket

Two sizes available

Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, and Tan Perfect for the Baby Blooming Bouquets and Spa Pampering Blooming Bouquets

With the new addition of the Organic Blooming Bouquets and Cloth Diaper Blooming Bouquets, ChristieCreations is now offering an array of Eco-Friendly Handmade Baskets.

For those who prefer a more traditional looking handled gift basket:

Multicolored woven baskets are now back in stock.

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