Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How to make gorgeous pomander/kissing balls

How to make gorgeous pomander/kissing balls

This was one of my last DIY projects for my wedding. I almost did not do it but I am so glad I did. I received so many compliments and it really added elegance to the aisle.

Let me preface this by saying it will take a TON of flowers to do these. I literally used 35-50 rose stems on each ball. I used varying sizes and shades of red and burgundy to give the ball dimension. All stems were medium quality - it would have cost a small fortune to use the same high quality roses I used in my centerpieces.

Supplies needed.. glue gun.. low temp, glue and melting pot (you can buy at Pat Catan's for 5 bucks) styrofoam balls (I recommend the green ones) wire cutters, rose stems, ribbon, and a few straight pins (I used the ones with pearl tops).

Things to keep in mind: when selecting the size of your foam ball, remember it will be much larger once all the flowers are in place.

Prep Work: Cut all rose (or other flower) stems and leaves off. Keep 1-1.5 inches to press into stryofoam ball. If using varying stems like I did, seperate into groups of color and size.

Begin by placing the largest roses on the ball first. Dip the stem into the glue melting pot making sure to cover the stem and bottom of rose. Fill in with the medium size roses and then the small buds to complete your pomander ball.

To attached the ribbon, hot glue the bottom of the ribbon into the top of the ball inbetween the roses where it can be completely hidden. To ensure it holds properly, use straight pins to secure to ball.

I hung my pomander balls from iron shepherd hooks special ordered from Pat Catan's (9.99 each).

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