Monday, May 18, 2009

How to throw a fabulous baby shower (Part 3 of 10)

No one wants to taste baby food or smell a "dirty" diaper with a melted candy bar. Let's talk baby shower games!

Who was the idiot that came up with the dirty diaper game? Did they actually think that this was something women would want to do? When was the last time you smeared peanut butter, melted chocolate, and butter into a diaper and made your closest friends guess what which one is which?

Needless to say, there are FAR better games and activities to do at a baby shower. There are two things that I always think about when planning a baby shower- would I want to do this at a shower and will it be practical for the Mom to be! Especially with the push to be "green" why not utilize activities that will further help the Mom.

Activity 1: Decorate a onesie!

This is always a hit. Babies need onesies- lots and lots of onesies. They basically live in them from birth to 12 months. Stock up on onesies of VARIOUS sizes and colors. Hang them up on a clothesline to decorate the shower venue before the activity and then after to display all the guests works of arts. Even the least crafty guest can use a paint marker to write "baby" or draw a heart.

~Christie Tip~
*when using fabric paint markers: make a dot outline of what you want to write or draw

*bring cardboard to place in between the onesies to prevent the paint from bleeding into the other side

Activity 2: Daddy Tool Belt

With the increase of coed showers, this is a great way to stock up the parents to be with all the essentials. Purchase or borrow a classic leather tool belt (Walmart sells them for under 15 dollars)

Gather all the baby care necessities: Gas drops, baby wipes, baby Tylenol, thermometer, baby butt paste, toy, bottle, baby food jar, teething ring...

And of course add some funny items like tongs, nose plug, emergency call list to Grandmas, bottle of adult Tylenol, goggles...

Have the Daddy to be wear the tool belt through out the shower. At the end of the shower, ask the guests to do one of several things:

-traditionally guests are asked to write down all the items they can remember
but to make it less predictable you can ask more specific questions like-
1. What was the flavor of the baby food?
2. What brand of diaper rash cream?
3. What color was the teething ring?

Activity 3: Name that tune- Baby style

Who doesn't love music? Pick 10 songs that have the word BABY in the title. Cue up the IPod and play name that tune. Make sure to give at least 1 minute of each song. As the hostess you know the guests the best. Select a variety of songs that will be easy and familiar to the crew along with a few toughies.

Baby Song Suggestions:

Baby - LL Cool J
Baby - Ashanti
Tell Me Baby - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Tell Me Tell Me ... Baby - NSYNC
Always Be My Baby - David Cook
Baby-Baby-Baby - TLC
Baby Baby - Amy Grant
I Got You Babe - Sonny and Cher
Baby, It's Cold Outside - Ray Charles & Betty Carter OR Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey
Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me - Mac Davis
Hey Baby - Bruce Chantell
Baby, It's You - Shirelles
Baby Love - Supremes
Ooh Baby Baby - Miracles OR Lind Ronstadt
Baby I'm-A Want You - Bread
Baby I Need Your Lovin - Four Tops
Hey Baby - No Doubt
Rockin' Roll Baby - Stylistics
Baby Boy - Beyonce
You're Having My Baby - Paul Anka
Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk - Dr. Hook
Baby, I'm Yours - Barbara Lewis
Baby Workout - Jackie Wilson
...Baby One More Time - Britney Spears
Baby, What A Big Surprise - Chicago
Baby, Come To Me - Denise Austin and James Ingram
Give It To Me Baby - Rick James
Don't Worry Baby - Beach Boys
Take Good Care of My Baby - Bobby Vee
There Goes My Baby - Drifters
Baby, Don't Forget My Number - Milli Vanilli
Always Be My Baby - Mariah Carey
My Baby - Lil' Romeo
Baby You're A Rich Man - Beatles
Be My Baby - Ronettes
Baby Hold On - Eddie Money
American Baby- Dave Matthews Band
Baby Beluga - Raffi
Baby love - Diana Ross
All that she wants (is another baby) - Ace of Base
Always be my baby - Mariah Carey

Or if you are looking for more of a twist: grab your karaoke machine and make someone sing the tunes!

Most importantly, have fun!

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