Monday, February 22, 2010

Don't Forget Grandma! Gifts for the New Grandmother

ChristieCreations is always looking for new ideas on how we can improve our products. After a custom order for a Grandmother to be, we created a line of "For Grandma" bouquets with blankets, bibs, and booties to keep at Grandma's house. Of course we can include cute onesies and bibs that said "We love Grandma" and "What happens at Grandma's House, stays at Grandma's house." Why not treat the new Grandma to a gift of her own to celebrate her new grandchild!

Other ways to celebrate the new Grandmother at the baby shower include:

A engraved photo frame or photo album from the new baby.

A brag book for Grandma to carry in her purse to show all of her friends her new grandbaby!

A Grandma's on Duty Tool Belt including all the essential basics for baby: diapers, diaper rash cream, toy, pacifier, baby Tylenol, baby wipes, and more

A personalized t shirt with the new Grandma's name.

So while friends and family are spoiling the Mother to be with gifts- don't forget Grandma!

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